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Gj Network Assam Private Limited is an advertising company based in Assam. The startup manages and website for the past 3 years.  Find the right talent with our largest Job data-based, Submit job news, Educational institutions, Admission notice, Educational material, etc. 

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We provide daily job news one of the largest job news portal websites in Assam. We provide daily latest job news in the Government and Private sectors, also Admit Card, Results, Syllabus, etc.  We help more than 10,000 job seekers to get their first job in the past 3 years. 

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Get daily latest news Assam is a newly launched News portal website in Assam. In this website, we provide you latest news about Assam. Stay updated with the latest Assam news, Political news, COVID-19 news, Employment news,  etc. 


Looking for the right talent, Submit your job news with our largest job data based

We have 80K+ monthly traffic, 100+ WhatsApp job Alerts groups. We have 3-year experience in this field. Submit your job news to our website “” get the right talent as per your requirements. 

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